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Biokovo Nature Park

biokovo_3 Biokovo Nature Park is the largest and highest mountain in Dalmatia. Biokovo is a protected nature park, that spreads across and area of 19,550 ha2 on Mount Biokovo. The position of the mountain alone is like a  wall above the Makarska Riviera. This unique sea belt, features natural elements such as deep chasms, caves, abysses and forests of beech, Some of the caves are so deep, that even during the hot summer months, snow and ice can be found inside. When the weather is very clear, from the top of Biokovo it is possible to see Italy, which is 252 km away.

biokovo_6Biokovo is rich with plants and animal species. Biokovo has even 25 endemic species. Of invertebrates that there are different types of butterflies, and of vertebrates known are different kinds of amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals. Animals that want to see every visitor are among others the Balkan chamois, the golden eagle and muflons. All animals in the Park Nature mountain are protected by law (Bern Convention), as well as plant species.


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